L’Inviti Singers

“…The choir was stunning. All the guests were gobsmacked, and Nick and I have said to each other countless times since then, that it really was worth every penny. I'll give you a call soon to talk more, but wanted to let you know that we were delighted with it.” - See independent reviews


  1. The UK’s finest bespoke, professional choir
  2. The choir of choice for high-profile corporate clients, celebrity weddings and royal events
  3. Featured on the Grammy Award-winning Belshazzar's Feast with Bryn Terfel CBE
  4. Regulars at St Paul's Cathedral, London – including the televised service for Princess Diana in 1997
  5. Performed on BBC radio and television (including “The Choir” “Songs of Praise” etc)
  6. Singers hand-picked from world-class chamber ensembles, choral foundations and opera companies
  7. As well as traditional choral music, recent performances have included songs by Adele, Oasis, Elbow, The Killers, Sting, Queen, Christina Perri etc
  8. Venues include Claridge’s, London W1; Gleneagles, Perthshire; Babington House, Somerset; The Houses of Parliament, London SW1; Mount Stuart House, Bute; St Paul’s Church, Monte Carlo; Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire; Gosford House, East Lothian; Longleat, Warminster, Wiltshire; Notre Dame de l’Immaculee Conception, Antibes, France; Chelsea FC, London SW6 and countless churches and cathedrals throughout the UK and beyond


“A huge thank you for your participation in the carol service last week. Our various events raised a fantastic £1,602.43 which will be split equally between our two charities, Whizz-Kidz and Richard House Children’s Hospice. The Fladgate Choir (with our friends from Blick Rothenberg and ECA International) gave a beautiful performance.” ...continue reading

Chairman, Fladgate LLP
Workplace choir

“Thank you for all your brilliant organisation and your wonderful choir and organist and the organ hire too and for making the ceremony so special and intimate and emotional!! You were all marvellous and it made for such an uplifting, special and family atmosphere which, let's face it, is what is so important and so often lacking these days for some reason. You could see that everyone felt completely enveloped in the service and in wishing the couple great happiness together - and the music played such an important role in that.” ...continue reading

Eldroth, N Yorkshire
Choir, Organist & Director - July 2021

“I just wanted to say an enormous thank you to you and your team for the superb music in Shrewsbury Cathedral for our wedding. The music was even better than I had hoped for and will be indelibly marked on our marriage and my memory for the rest of our lives. It was absolutely beautiful. And those sentiments are very much echoed by everyone else who was there – and those listening on Zoom! O Magnum Mysterium and Non Nobis Domine in particular are probably my two favourite pieces of music. And with only a small choir and an organ I thought you delivered them brilliantly.” ...continue reading

Shrewsbury Cathedral
Choir, Trumpeter, Organist & Director - July 2020

“We want to write a personal note of thanks to you and your superb musicians for the joy you provided us all at the Marriage Service. We, as Tom’s parents had Emma, Simon and the quartet where fantastic! resigned ourselves to whispering hymns in rather a silent church, so to hear the beautiful pieces of music so carefully planned by yourself, Tom and Alice and performed by you all, was simply wonderful and uplifting. Despite a congregation of thirty guests the sound filled the cathedral as if we had a huge choir - in fact the trumpet lifted the roof off -congratulations! We know everyone present felt the same and adored the whole service. It was definitely the high spot of what was a hugely special day for our families! Thank you for an irreplaceable gift - a memory we shall hold for ever. We so appreciate your considerable efforts to organise such a performance for Tom and Alice. For us, it was the second time - you might remember, fifteen years ago you arranged the music at our daughter’s wedding in Wimbledon. With grateful thanks” ...continue reading

Shrewsbury Cathedral
Choir, Trumpet, Organ - July 2020

“I am so sorry I missed you yesterday to thank you personally, hence this note. Thank you very much for the programme last night. Everything was perfect and my guests were really impressed by the quality of the programme and mastery of the singers. The DJ was perfect as well. So many thanks again for your great contribution to the success of my evening.” ...continue reading

The National Portrait Gallery, London
Choir of eight & DJ - January 2020

“Thank you for your help and guidance the last few weeks/months in helping us make our wedding absolutely amazing! We received so many comments on the choir and the recessional song and everyone chiming in and singing along! It created such an amazing atmosphere! The choir along with the organist was brilliant!!! We also loved Uptown Girls! They just kept the party going! Such a pleasure and thank you again!” ...continue reading

Choir, Organist & Director & Uptown Girls - October 2019

“I wanted to write to give a huge and much heartfelt thanks to you and the choir for making the wedding service so perfect. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough in making the church magical. It was such an emotional day for me, but the joy I felt in hearing the hymns sung with such compassion and gusto was incredible. Thank you, thank you.” ...continue reading

South of France
Choir, Organist & Director - August 2019

“I would like to thank you and your wonderful team for the most splendid and professional musical display. We had many amazing compliments. The music made the ceremony very special indeed. Thank you so much.” ...continue reading

Bath Guildhall, Bath
Choir, Pianist & Director - August 2019

“WOW the feedback has been awesome…[the music] was amazing and all the guests loved it. I cannot thank you enough for taking the strain and helping sort out the Order of Service, musicians and all else the ceremony entailed.” ...continue reading

Wedding planner for a wedding in Newmarket
Choir, Organist & Director - April 2019

“We cannot tell you how glad we are that we decided to work with the Wedding Music Company. From start to finish you were such a wonderful support for both my mother and me, helping us to make sure the service was a focal point of the wedding and not just the 'part before the party'. Your advice not only with regard to the music but also to the order of service was incredibly helpful and it was such a relief to feel confident in the run up to the day that everything would run smoothly! It goes without saying that on the day everyone was completely blown away by the music and what a real joy it was to be in a church filled with noise - it really helped ease our nerves to know that everyone was enjoying themselves and set the tone for the evening ahead. Walking in to ‘If ye love me’ was something I will never forget and my brothers said you could hear a pin drop - a real highlight and we are so glad that we listened to your advice on choosing that piece of music! I think it is a testament to you and your choir that on the vast majority of the thank you letters which my mother received everyone mentioned the music in the church as one of the highlights of the day. Importantly for George and me it was hugely appreciated by the older generations and my grandparents in particular can’t mention the wedding without mentioning the music. It goes without saying that we have recommended you to all of our friends and family and look forward to seeing you again at some weddings in the future. Thank you for all of your help and support, it was the perfect start to married life.” ...continue reading

Wedding in Wiltshire
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2018

“Where do I even begin? You MADE our wedding service! Between the singing and Reverend Veronica everyone was absolutely blown away! There was not a dry eye in the church and all anyone keeps asking me is who you all are and where we found you! Our florist wants to send the wedding to Brides magazine so I have made sure we include you in the feature!! I can never find the words to thank you enough for coming all that way and bringing your amazingly insane choir, what talented people you all are! I really do hope me and Tom get to cross paths with you again as it has been an absolutely delight to speak with you over the past two years! Thank you for everything. Kindest wishes and so much thanks.” ...continue reading

Wedding in Whitewell, Wales
Choir, Soloists, Organist & Director - November 2018

“Thank you so very much for the wonderful music you provided for Lucy and George's wedding. It was a glorious service crowned by the singing. We were very pleased with the selection of music and it has already been mentioned in several of the letters that I have received so I am grateful for the guidance that you gave us with that. Your singers were not only wonderful performers but a delightful presence and I hope they appreciated the enthusiastic congregational singing. We were thoroughly impressed with the performance that Huw managed to wrest out of the organ and the way he managed without a mirror or eyes in the back of his head. The memory of the service will live with me for ever and I am so very glad that Lucy tracked you down.” ...continue reading

Bishopstrow, Wiltshire
Choir, Organist & Director - November 2018

“Francesca and I have just got back from honeymoon, so please excuse the 'radio silence' since our big day. But you are the first to whom I am writing, of all those who helped us on 27th October, to say on behalf of Francesca and I the most massive 'thank you' to you, the L'Inviti Singers and Jamie for your exceptional respective performances on that very happy day. They were, quite simply, fantastic. When the choir opened up with 'I was glad', both I and, I am sure, everyone else in the Church felt our spines starting to tingle in the most delightful way; and it just kept on coming. What I had not sufficiently anticipated (so was a glorious surprise) was the extent of 'descant' that the choir would provide in the hymns – a wonderful 'bonus'. And as for the triumvirate while we signed the Register – well, although you may have had your back to the congregation, I can tell you that behind you the handkerchiefs were out in force (in a good way!); 'This Marriage' was particularly amazing (thank you for suggesting it), and, as Francesca and I looked across the Church from the side-aisle, I remarked to her that one could have heard a pin drop – everyone was locked onto those wonderful words, that equally special music, but, most importantly of all, the care and control with which you and the Singers presented it; really masterful. And, perhaps most special of all, the 'sung' version of Widor's 'Toccata' to close it all – a lovely further surprise for everyone, and another spine-tingling moment which, perfectly, kept everyone in their seats whilst our photographs (in the cold rain!) were being taken outside. I hope that Jamie, too, enjoyed opening up the organ to that final number – many guests remarked on it afterwards. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most memorable performance – we could not be more thrilled, and we will never forget that incredible and special Service.” ...continue reading

Choir, Organist & Director - October 2018

“Where to start to thank you?! Probably with the amazing fortitude you showed in battling with the British railway system which is rapidly becoming the most unreliable train service in the western world. Anyway, I don’t know how you did it but, thank you! I just pray that your return journey went as planned. I hardly dare ask. I can tell you that it wasn’t just the bride and the groom or even the bride’s mother’s new ‘lovely hat’! that was the talk of the wedding, but it was of course also you and your incredible singers and organist. All the help and guidance you gave us and the great talent of your choir made the service just perfect in every way – beautiful, powerful and so moving. I’m afraid a lot of people were crying (and not necessarily the ones that you would think would! – Toby said even Ian had tears in his eyes when Camilla was walking up the aisle and he must be fairly hardened by now having officiated at so many weddings) and I was particularly thrilled that so many of the young noticed how incredible you all were and commented on it. Unfortunately for me and Simon, we had to go and sign the register so were stuck in the side Chapel and could not properly hear Panis or Nella. Everybody simply raved about them. I have to apologise too for our far too early escape down the aisle. I knew we were not meant to start until the choir started singing but I think we should have waited far longer. Anyway, I gather that the ushers were completely unable to move the congregation outside until they had applauded you all. Quite right too! So, what a day it turned out to be. Your service completely set the standard for the whole of the rest of the day, which went so incredibly well and finished very noisily at 12.30! So could you please, please pass on our huge thanks and appreciation to everyone involved. We are very much looking forward to seeing you again and it will not be long I am sure because so many people said to us that they plan to book you for their daughters’ weddings! Look out!” ...continue reading

Wedding in Giggleswick
Choir, Organist & Director - September 2018

“I felt I must just drop you a line to say how wonderful the music was for the wedding. I had hoped to have a chat with you and see if you could come back to the marquee for a glass of champagne etc but didn't have the opportunity. Every single person I spoke to asked about 'the choir', and several had been so moved by the wonderful voices and music. They couldn't believe it was just 8 people and it was quite beyond their expectations for Norfolk! It was such a treat and will be remembered always…something which could not have been bettered, as far as we were concerned. They created an atmosphere which lasted for the rest of the day - it was a joyous occasion. I would be so grateful if you could pass on our thanks to all who participated. I do hope they enjoyed doing it as much as we loved hearing it.” ...continue reading

Wedding, North Norfolk
Choir, Organist & Trumpeter - June 2018

“So, I’m very grateful... what a day! So happy, memorable... emotional! But filled with beauty for the eyes, the ears and most definitely the heart...David is just brilliant ...together with his talented singers and musicians...I’m bowled over!” ...continue reading

Hungerford, Berkshire
Choir, Organist & Director - June 2018

“Thank you so much to everyone who was part of the team, I literally had goose bumps when the singers sang, they were amazing!! Lots of our guests commented on how amazing they were.” ...continue reading

Wedding, Richmond, Surrey
Choir & Organist - September 2017

“A few weeks have gone by since you conducted a small choir during my son's wedding at Queenborough. As a church bell ringer, I have rung at many weddings and know how uninspiring service music can be. Having listened to what you could produce on your website, my expectations were high - but the music at Samantha and David's wedding was just glorious! The many compliments afterwards showed how much those present enjoyed it, too. We recorded the wedding, so have also been able to listen to the Widor at the end of the service. Thank you, David for a lovely experience.” ...continue reading

Wedding, Kent
Choir & Organist - August 2017

“A huge thank you to you and your team - the music during our wedding ceremony was wonderful and we have had countless comments from guests on how breathtaking the choir was. Chris and I only wish we could have personally listened to them more as were a little distracted with the getting married bit at times! We really can't wait for our wedding video and to be able to see and hear them again.” ...continue reading

Wedding, Kent
Choir & Organist - August 2017

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