The Dashers

“Thanks for an absolutely awesome ceilidh…I wish we could do it all over again!” - wedding at Polhawn Fort


  1. Lively, professional ceilidh / barn dance band
  2. Excellent caller to make sure everyone can join in the dancing
  3. Brilliant selection of fun Scottish, Irish and Cornish dances
  4. Available as a traditional four-piece band (fiddle, accordion, guitar, caller) or…
  5. …a contemporary six-piece band (adding drum kit and bass guitar)
  6. Venues include the Eden Project, Cornwall; Buckland House, Devon; Shennaghys Jiu, Isle of Man; Bocconoc House, Cornwall; Cwlwm Celtaidd, South Wales and Powderham Castle, Devon

repertoire samples

  1. Strip the willow
  2. Dashing white sergeant
  3. Seige of Ennis
  4. Old hand in hand
  5. Circassian Circle
  6. Gay Gordons
  7. Virginia reel
  8. Canadian barn dance
  1. St Bernard waltz

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